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July 26, 2019

I took my Year 10 and Year 11 Drama classes to see Point of No Return in Griffith on 26th July 2019, for the Schools performance. The students were absolutely in awe from when they first sat down to the Q & A at the end of the performance. The fact of it being Verbatim...

To whom it may concern,
Recently, I made the decision to take my Year 11 Drama students to see the performance of
Essence Productions’s “Point of No Return”, written and directed by Alaine Beek. I was
particularly interested in the historical aspects of the play, as it...

To Whom it may concern, 
I wanted to write regarding the plays of Alaine Beek, and in particular "Point of No Return'. At my
school I do a subject called Text to Performance. In this subject we take plays, read them and look at
the wider cultural context i...

‘As a Theatre Studies teacher, I can definitely see the benefit of students studying and
analysing the play Point of No Return. The play consists of many elements that would make
for rich discussion in the Theatre Studies classroom. For instance, the blend of both

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