Review From Stephen Masters

Sensational! Shocking and brilliant. Great theatre. Powerful, well-polished performance with impeccable acting. Transcendence of stagecraft into actual belief which is extremely rare. I still live in fear of Hawkins and weep for Ardy. Makes 'Lord of the Flies' seem like a sopish English high tea. The thing is this: nothing has changed. There is no limit to the cruelty one human, given power, will inflict upon another. Think refugees. The brilliant scorpion sting in this play is the eventual transcendence of imprisonment where they meet again in a bookshop and, I imagine, talk about the old days over a cup of tea. A bookshop also has a transcendent function being a source of entertainment, k

St Francis De Sales College Leeton, NSW Review

I took my Year 10 and Year 11 Drama classes to see Point of No Return in Griffith on 26th July 2019, for the Schools performance. The students were absolutely in awe from when they first sat down to the Q & A at the end of the performance. The fact of it being Verbatim resonated with the students as we teach this style of theatre throughout Stage 5 & 6. The Q & A afterwards including the writer/director was eye opening for the students especially in regard to a piece ‘never really being finished’. The actors were candid with the students and offered them sound advice about performing as well as devising (it is always good for them to hear it from other voices instead of their teacher). As a

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