Maria Francis

“It was amazing seeing the true story about the boys at Port Arthur called Point of no return. Congratulations to all the cast in doing such an amazing job. You all truly expressed your parts, telling your story of the sufferings and the cruelty done to the boys at that time in Tasmania. I truly enjoyed the acting and story and am looking forward to the next production. Thank you.”

Phil Cameron Smith

“It has been my great privilege to work on Point Of No Return with Alaine Beek. Most Australians are aware that the first convicts from Britain were sent to Port Arthur, but this play depicts a very little known part of our rich history, the boys prison at Point Puer just across from Port Arthur. The first attempt by the British government to rehabilitate prisoners.I relished the opportunity to play the role of Hawkins, the guard responsible for a group of lads within the prison. The role is extremely well defined and complex. Hawkins is an ex-prisoner from Port Arthur and is conflicted within his role as disciplinarian and protector. There is so much to love about this play. All of the char

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