Greg Lentini

“Experienced it and loved it. A horrible historic situation portrayed with credibility and sensitivity. I was enthralled with the production.” Greg Lentini (28 .4.16)

Megan Bonnici

“A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Alaine Beek and the crew for the brilliantly presented play Point of No Return. I went with my daughter and her friend on Friday and we were all so impressed. Great acting, great set design, and really engaging story. It had just the right amount of humour to offset the confronting nature of the setting and script. You could tell the audience loved it because we laughed and we went silent, and we were enthralled. Impressive acting, especially considering some of the boys are still in school, and the others aren't much older. So much talent there from all of them. Special mention goes to Phil - the only adult and professional actor of the cast - who was intimid

Maria Francis

“Oh this is great that they are performing again in Geelong. It's wonderful that this true story is seen in other places. I hope it is shared everywhere in Australia and maybe one day the world.”

Vicky Withers

‘Such a moving story and performance. Glad I'm seeing it again!’

Tony Duncan

“Absolutely brilliant. A tight and clever script and the acting is superb. A great night out.” Tony Duncan April 22, 2016

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