Customer Reviews

Sensational! Shocking and brilliant. Great theatre. Powerful, well-polished performance with impeccable acting. Transcendence of stagecraft into actual belief which is extremely rare. I still live in fear of Hawkins and weep for Ardy. Makes 'Lord of the Flies' seem like a sopish English high tea. The thing is this: nothing has changed. There is no limit to the cruelty one human, given power, will inflict upon another. Think refugees.
The brilliant scorpion sting in this play is the eventual transcendence of imprisonment where they meet again in a bookshop and, I imagine, talk about the old days over a cup of tea. A bookshop also has a transcendent function being a source of entertainment, knowledge and enlightenment. At the same time the archetypes of  prisoner and guard is dissolved into the past. And…we are left with hope for the future. Classic storytelling

Stephen Masters, Griffith, NSW 27.7.19


“My gal pal Kate and I LOVED the show. We were into it the minute we walked into the theatre. Really enjoyed the story, the set and nod to our past. What a talented bunch of young actors too!”

Rebecca Thompson (Fairfax Media) 9.5.15 


“This play was bleak, uncompromising and remorselessly aggressive. 

It was also a well-presented, well-acted, well-lit and well-staged piece of tragic theatre. This play presented a keen reminder of the terrible start our white Australian heritage received.”

 Colin Mockett 6.5.16


“Experienced it and loved it. A horrible historic situation portrayed with credibility and sensitivity.  I was enthralled with the production.”


Greg Lentini (28 .4.16)


“Oh this is great that they are performing again in Geelong. 

It's wonderful that this true story is seen in other places. I hope it is shared everywhere in Australia and maybe one day the world.” 


Maria Francis (24.4.16)



“A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Alaine Beek and the crew for the brilliantly presented play 'Point of No Return'. I went with my daughter and her friend on Friday and we were all so impressed. Great acting, great set design, and really engaging story. It had just the right amount of humour to offset the confronting nature of the setting and script. You could tell the audience loved it because we laughed and we went silent, and we were enthralled. Impressive acting, especially considering some of the boys are still in school, and the others aren't much older. So much talent there from all of them. Special mention goes to Phil - the only adult in the cast - who was intimidating as hell and yet also funny and sensitive at times. Amazing drunk scene with an imaginary dog. Loved it so much. Worth the money.” Posted by Megan Bonnici, Wyndham Arts Collective (24.4.16)


‘Such a moving story and performance. Glad I'm seeing it again!’ Vicky Green (23.4.16)

“It was amazing seeing the true story about the boys at Port Arthur called 'Point of no return'. Congratulations to all the cast in doing such an amazing job. You all truly expressed your parts, telling your story of the sufferings and the cruelty done to the boys at that time in Tasmania.  I truly enjoyed the acting and story and am looking forward to the next production.  Thank you.” Maria Francis (23.4.16)

“Absolutely brilliant. A tight and clever script and the acting is superb. A great night out.”


Tony Duncan (April 22, 2016)